Remuneration to senior executives

The CEO is paid according to his own preference a compensation of one SEK per fiscal year. Other members of senior management are paid a market based monthly salary and customary benefits. Senior management, excluding the CEO, is part of the joint profit sharing program for all permanent employees as decided by the Board.

The fixed salary is in general reviewed on a yearly basis and shall take into account the individual’s qualitative performance. Remuneration to senior management, except the CEO shall be market based.

Both Paradox and the CEO shall observe a six-month notice period. CEO is not entitled to any severance payment. Paradox will observe the period of notice in accordance with the Employment Protection Act. Senior executives must observe the same notice, however, at 3 months. Other senior management is not entitled to any compensation in connection with their employment being terminated. Other senior management have customary terms of employment.

The Board is entitled to deviate from the above guidelines if the Board determines that in a certain case there are special reasons to justify it.

Remuneration to board members

Remuneration to the members of the Board and senior executives, and other remuneration to elected members, including the Chairman, is resolved by the AGM. At the Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2017 it was resolved that the remuneration to each of the elected Board members shall amount to SEK 180,000. The Chairman is paid SEK 360,000. The company’s board members are not entitled to any benefits after they have resigned as members of the board.