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Discover the charm of the sea with "Waterfronts Expansion Pass," a collection of expansions and music packs themed around waterfront living. This pass also includes creator packs, adding assets from known community creators to your library.

The Waterfronts Expansion Pass includes the San Francisco Set, Beach Properties Asset Pack, 2 Creator Packs (Q2 ‘24), the Bridges & Ports Expansion (Q4 ‘24) as well as 3 Radio Stations, one paired with each release (Q1 Q2 Q4 ‘24).


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San Francisco Set

Bring some sunny vibes to your city with this San Francisco themed set. A Muscle Car Garage building, 5 different Muscle car models and a police vehicle will spruce up your bustling beach city. Included in the set is also the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and of course - a San Francisco map.

Asset Pack

Beach Properties

Bring life to your city’s waterfronts with ‘Beach Properties'. Specializing in residential buildings that kiss the water's edge, this Asset Pack brings the tranquility and beauty of coastal living to your city.

From luxurious waterfront mansions to charming beachside cottages, each theme has an addition of buildings waiting to populate your new waterfront zone.

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2x Creator Packs - Q2 2024

Urban Promenades | Modern Architecture

Introducing more than 30 assets each, these packs will infuse your city with some extra personality. Crafted by two of the Cities: Skylines community’s favorite creators, these packs truly highlight the talent and artistry of our modders.

Expansion - Q4 2024

Bridges & Ports Expansion

Livelier coasts are now available with this new expansion, Bridges & Ports! With a new set of tools you are now able to create a bustling port to your city, and add beautiful new details like draw bridges and lighthouses. With over 100 new assets as well as the new addition of Marine Industries you can expand your waterfront landscape and connect your city in exciting new ways.

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3x Radio Stations - Q1, Q2, Q4 2024

Deluxe Relax Station | Cold Wave Channel | Soft Rock Radio

Set the tone in your city! Introducing a new host and 60 min of music, each Radio pack will give your city building experience a new vibe. The Radio stations are paired with each release.


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