Sounds from the Community

Add new variety and inspiration to your Europa Universalis IV experience with the second soundtrack composed by the avid Europa Universalis fan Kairi! Invoke themes and sounds of history with music inspired by the regions of the Far east, from the grasslands of the Khanate to the shores of the South Seas of Asia.

Kairi Sawler, the talented creator of a prior community soundtrack grasps the emotion and traditions of the Far East to make this pack the perfect backdrop to the march of your growing dynasty.

Main features


  • Peace for Generations

  • The Grasslands Call

  • The Great Wall

  • Eastern Fronts

  • Temple Ambitions


Immerse yourself in Europa Universalis IV: Kairis Soundtrack II
Europa Universalis IV: Kairis Soundtrack II (screenshot 1)
Europa Universalis IV - cardBackground

Full game required

Play with the full game version of Europa Universalis IV