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Crusader Kings III

Chapter III

Write glorious new sagas of military conquest and romantic adventures with Chapter III. This Chapter includes two expansions, one event pack, and one cosmetic enhancement. Enjoy new mechanics, new events, and new historical flavor to add greater depth to Crusader Kings III.

This Chapter includes the instant unlock of Couture of the Capets, two upcoming expansions, and one event pack.

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Main Features



Take command of your house and expand your dynasty through a meticulously researched Middle Ages. Begin in 867 or 1066 and claim lands, titles, and vassals to secure a realm worthy of your royal blood. Your death is only a footnote as your lineage continues with new playable heirs, either planned… or not.

Discover a sprawling simulated world teeming with peasants and knights, courtiers, spies, knaves and jesters, and secret love affairs. An extensive cast of historical characters can be romanced, betrayed, executed, or subtly influenced.

Explore a vast medieval map stretching from the snowswept Nordic lands to the Horn of Africa, and the British Isles in the west to the exotic riches of Burma in the east. Claim, conquer, and rule thousands of unique counties, duchies, kingdoms, and empires.



Each character is larger than life, with traits and lifestyle choices determining their actions and schemes. Prompt fear and dread as you rule with an iron fist, or inspire your subjects with magnanimous deeds. Genetics can be passed along to your children, be it the gift of genius or crippling stupidity.

Groom your heir with the appropriate guardians or educate them yourself. If found wanting, marry them off or despatch them through other means.

Customize your ruler and noble house, from appearance to attributes, and create a monarch worthy of all their inherited virtues and vices.



Govern an ever-evolving realm and grant titles to whom you see fit - or usurp your liege to claim their crown as your own. Be wary of rivals, from restless serfs to revengeful concubines.

The shadows stir frequently, and danger lurks around every darkened corner. Recruit agents and other unsavory elements to undermine, blackmail, or murder those who stand in your path. Or be inspired by the bard and ballad, and seduce your way to power and influence.

Blood will flow. Assemble men-at-arms units and powerful knights. Manage your battlefield tactics and armies. Raid and plunder nearby lands or hire mercenaries and Holy Orders for your major conflicts.



Be a pious king to invite the religious powers to your side, or design your own faith as you battle between everlasting fame or eternal damnation.

Bring novel innovations to your culture and construct mighty castles and bastions to increase the wealth, prestige, and security of your realm.

The paths to follow are limitless: experience thousands of dynamic events and life-altering decisions tailored to each and every conceivable situation and character. There are countless ways of securing and keeping your place in the history books.


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Crusader Kings III

Chapter I and II Bundle

The Chapter I and Chapter II Bundle contains every expansion, flavor pack and cosmetic pack published for Crusader Kings III, included in the best-selling Chapter I and Chapter II.

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