Heirs of Alexander

The Hellenistic kingdoms of the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia take center stage in this Content Pack for Imperator: Rome. Heirs of Alexander add additional context and flavor to this rich and varied landscape, as the great conqueror’s former generals and their descendants try to claim the mantle of the ancient world’s most legendary ruler.

Main features

Unique Mission Trees

New special mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, Seleucid Empire in Asia, Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace.

Shared Mission Trees

Diadochi-themed mission objectives available to all of the Successor Kingdoms.

Wonder Designer

New tool that allows players to build their own custom monuments, adding bonuses to their location or to the entire empire.

New Events

Various Historical Events based on the history and legacy of Alexander’s followers.

New Deities

Regional gods and goddesses from the Hellenistic kingdoms.

New Treasures

Distinctive artifacts from around the Greek world.

New Music

Three new music tracks to inspire your Successor Kingdom.


Immerse yourself in Imperator: Rome - Heirs of Alexander
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