Defeat Your Rivals and Claim the Legacy of Persia

The lands of Persia are well-populated, rich in resources and often a crossroads of empire. Join the struggle for medieval dominance in this historically important and fascinating region in Legacy of Persia, a new Flavor Pack for Crusader Kings III. Inspired by the historic collapse of the Abbasid Caliphate in the 9th century Anarchy at Samarra, Legacy of Persia introduces the Iranian Intermezzo, a competition for power in the region. Building on the Struggle System introduced in the Fate of Iberia flavor pack, Legacy of Persia adds even more culturally important flavor and changes to realms in the region.


The Iranian Intermezzo

The Abbasid Caliphate is on the decline, and strong-willed Iranian rulers are set upon independence and a new future for the region. Will you forge a new Empire, subjugate the faltering Caliphate for your own benefit, or see a resurgent Caliphate bring order to the region?


More Historical Flavor

New decisions, interactions and buildings for rulers in the Persian region, as well as special content highlighting the importance of clan leadership and protecting the frontier regions.


Changes to Iranian Cultures

New Iranian traditions include innovative Court Scholars, unique Men-at-Arms, and powerful new buildings to bring riches out of barren lands.


New Art and Music

Persian characters get new clothing, Persian buildings get a redesign and the UI can take on a more Iranian appearance in this Flavor Pack. There are also 8 new music tracks, some cued to events and some to set the mood.


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