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Crusader Kings III Console - Developer Diary #1: Vision and Goals!

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Howdy all! Community Manager Sonic Pariah here to inform you of some really cool news from the Crusader Kings team. While the entire Stockholm team is hard at work with Royal Court and making sure all the feedback, suggestions, and details are ironed out (specifically Patch 1.5.1 coming Soon™), we have had another team over at Lab42 doing what they do best: BRINGING CRUSADER KINGS TO XBOX X AND S AS WELL AS PLAYSTATION 5! Working with Paradox and Lab42 on the joint vision for an adaptation, and not just a port, of Crusader Kings III to consoles has been challenging and rewarding for everyone involved. The base vision was to bring the highly regarded Crusader Kings franchise to a new console audience, bringing enjoyment to as many people as possible. The Lab42 team has taken a flexible approach to development – responding to Paradox expertise and user testing & feedback, which has helped shape the development priorities throughout the adaptation. This approach will continue post launch, where Lab42 will continue to be flexible to allow consumer feedback to shape the flow of updates, patches and new features. While it wasn’t an easy task to bring everything to life on consoles, it was definitely fulfilling and highly satisfying to see once the first versions came to life. While work and progress is still being made on the console version, it is a process and still being worked on diligently by the Lab42 team. Certain features were easily adapted for the console setup while others needed to be completely reimagined from the ground up. As you can imagine, this requires quite a resourceful and dedicated team, and we are confident that the Lab42 Team have it well in hand! While the teams are hard at work on their respective projects, we will be more than happy to keep you up to date on news and any possible dates as they become available. In the meantime, please enjoy Royal Court and will have more info for you in the weeks to come! Cheers, -SP  

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