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Dev Diary #88: Achievements

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Dev Diary 88 Achievements

Hello and welcome to another development diary for the Royal Court!

With release drawing nearer the time has come to show the 20 new achievements that come with the update. As with previous achievements we have aimed to have a good mix of easier to harder achievements with some focusing on new features and others on interesting challenges or starts.

Very Easy​

Patronage Fund an Inspired character’s Project, and receive the end result.


I Made This Loot an artifact you do not have a claim on and pass it down to your heir

Polyglot Personally know 10 languages

Changing Course Create a Divergent Culture

Converging Paths Create a Hybrid Culture


Hoarder Have an artifact in every slot in the Inventory and Royal Court

Crème de la Crème Reach the maximum amount of Court Grandeur

One of a Kind Obtain an Epic artifact from an Adventurer Inspiration

Brave and Bold Starting as the Piasts in 867, rule Poland, adopt Feudalism, and own a Famed or Illustrious-rarity regalia, crown, weapon, and armor.

They Belong in a Museum Appoint a character with a completed Adventure inspiration as your Antiquarian

The True Royal Court As a vassal king to an emperor, have a higher court grandeur than they do


Beta Israel Starting and staying as a Jewish ruler in East Africa, rule a Kingdom and diverge your culture

Rise of the Ghurids Starting as the Duke of Ghur in 867 or 1066, conquer the borders of the historical Ghurid Empire

Turkish Eagle As the Seljuk Count in Samosata, form Rum and create a Hybrid Culture between Oghuz and Greek

Bod Chen Po As a member of the Pugyel Dynasty, re-create the Empire of Tibet

Delusions of Grandeur Be at least 6 levels above your expected Court Grandeur

True Tolerance Rule a realm containing at least 10 cultures with 95% or more acceptance of your culture

Inspirational Sponsor 30 successful inspirations in one game

Very Hard​

Lingua Franca Have every Royal Court in the world speak your Court Language

Nobody Comes to Fika With the County of Fika as your primary title, diverge your culture and spread it to 30 Counties

That was all for today and for the very last development diary prior to the release of the Royal Court! Next Tuesday the patch notes for the update that goes along with the Royal Court expansion will be posted.


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