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It is time to decide the Fate of Iberia
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Buenos días Crusaders! The time has finally come to decide the Fate of Iberia. Everything went according to plan since the last diary (phew!), so today we are really excited to release our new Flavor Pack. In today’s Dev Diary, I’ll be sharing with you the final Release Notes and some news on the release of the last installment of the Royal Edition. For a refresher on what has been mentioned about this release so far, check out the past diaries below: CK3 Dev Diary #98: the Castle's foundation CK3 Dev Diary #97: Event Illustration Showcase and Workflow CK3 Dev Diary #96 - Fate of Iberia 3D Art Showcase CK3 Dev Diary #95 - Flavor of Iberia CK3 Dev Diary #94 - Anatomy of a Struggle CK3 Dev Diary #93 - Turmoil in the Peninsula Release Notes Feeling curious about what’s included in Fate of Iberia? Release notes have been included in the forum post of this dev diary.

Garments of the Holy Roman Empire… for all! You have spoken and we are always listening! We are throwing in a little something alongside this release that we hope you will enjoy. Many of you have requested a way to buy the collection of Garments of the Holy Roman Empire, so we have decided to make it available from today to all players for free. This is a collection of outfits for commoners, warriors and rulers of Central Europe, for your full HRE immersion.


Bug Fixing As always, we strive to fix as many of those pesky bugs as possible. Thank you all for helping out by reporting them in the forum and reacting to those that matter the most to you. It does help us prioritize fixing so keep them coming! Oh well, it is time to stop reading and start struggling over Iberian territory. I hope you enjoy playing Fate of Iberia as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Cheers,



Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia - Release Trailer