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Below & Beyond: Hotfix #2

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Patch Notes

Game version

PC: 1008025

Gameplay Improvements

  • Remove the Micro-G Auto Extractor prefab from the default loadout for Asteroid Landers, so you don't accidentally include a prefab without having one.

  • Visual improvement to the base of asteroids (mostly for photo mode).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dome birth controls.

  • Fixed the same anomaly event appearing multiple times.

  • Fixed dust storms, cold waves, and meteor storms not triggering.

  • Fixed the martian surface filling with water after connecting a lake to a water producer.

  • Fixed asteroid landers sometimes not properly showing their status when returning from an asteroid at the very last second.

  • Fixed drone control fix for broken food storages.

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when landing an Asteroid Lander with drones on an Asteroid.

  • Fixed a crash when Asteroid Landers departed with drones.

  • Fixed not being able to order seeds from the earth for old saves without B&B.

  • Fixed cold waves not vanishing after they end, in old saves.

  • Fixed the “must include” filter for seniors.

  • Fixed missing images for anomalies.

  • Fixed smart complexes not receiving electricity after loading old saves.

  • Fixed the "Winter is Coming" rule not being selectable in the game rules screen.

  • Fixed the RC Safari's missing UI panel (the one showing visitors).

  • Fixed lamps of the elevator floating in the air in some cases.

  • Fixed incorrect ground texture after refabbing buildings within a Mega Dome.

  • Fixed missing warning when launching a rocket back to earth while still unloading cargo

  • Fixed sponsor-specific rovers' weight being counted twice for Lander/Elevator/Resupply cargo.

  • Fixed the asteroid lander not loading more than one rover of each type.

  • Fixed the asteroid hopping achievement unlocking after visiting 10 asteroids, instead of 11.

  • Fixed wasp drones in colony always showing 0 in the resupply menu

  • Fixed the camera zooming into the wrong sector in the underground.

  • Fixed Philosophers Stones Mystery that couldn't be completed after destroying a stone.

  • Fixed a crash related to the Inner Light Mystery on old save games.

  • Fixed landing pads being unusable after canceling the construction of a rocket.

  • Fixed an empty B&B tech tree showing for old saves.

  • Fixed drones facing the wrong direction while gathering Metals or Exotic Minerals.

  • Fixed the Fast Radio Burst turning several colonists into Geniuses.

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Known issues

  • The crash related to food storages has been fixed for the majority of saves but can still occur occasionally, investigation is in progress.