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Below & Beyond: Hotfix #4

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Gameplay Improvements​

  • Elevator colonist cap has been increased to 250

  • New warning notifications when trying to launch a lander with colonists while not having a ‘habitat’ on the asteroid or when the habitat does not have enough resident slots

Bug Fixes​

  • Fixed ‘no disasters’ rule not working

  • Fixed ‘no terraforming’ rule not working

  • Fixed disabling ‘no Below and Beyond content’ rule awarding ‘Space Explorers’ achievement

  • Fixed a crash on starting a new game on macOS

  • Fixed a crash when sending a planetary expedition that requires an RC vehicle

  • Fixed a crash when a lander rocket returns to mars with cargo containing a transporter that carries resources

  • Fixed a crash when requesting colonists from an asteroid

  • Fixed a crash after the event ‘rough touchdown’ when drones unload the payload

  • Fixed a rounding error on resources prevent the lander rocket from launching

  • Fixed a Waste Rock value being incorrect during landscaping

  • Fixed event anomalies spawning under resource deposits

  • Fixed the amount of surface polymers being very high

  • Fixed ‘The last War’ event preventing the loading of cargo onto asteroid landers

  • Fixed not being able to send multiple drones through the elevator by right clicking

  • Fixed the lander rocket request payload tooltip showing the ready status for prefabs that the player does not have

  • Fixed the issue where the number of requested colonists gets reset to 0 in the lander rocket cargo menu

  • Fixed where one drone gets transported through the elevator when assigning multiple drones to the elevator as drone controller

  • Fixed maintenance getting stuck on certain buildings (fusion reactor and electronics factory)

  • Fixed where drones were active in drone hub extender range while the extender wasn’t powered

  • Fixed the effect ranges remaining visible after refabbing a building

  • Fixed rovers leaving the lander rocket twice

  • Fixed the issue where multiple capital cities could be built after terraforming (Old saves will continue to contain multiple capital cities, but the option to build more is now restricted)

  • Fixed the RC explorer continuing to scan queued surface anomalies while the RC explorer has been transported to the underground

  • Fixed incorrect landing angle of the supply pod on a landing pad

  • Fixed the asteroid banner not working without the Space Race DLC

  • Fixed the issue where landscape cursor does not show

  • Fixed the colony being automatically renamed to ‘missing text’ in the planetary view

  • Fixed the concrete extractor not being able to build underground at specific coordinates

  • Fixed domes not being built underground because drones stop delivering resources