Create Powerful New Builds

Amelia, the Queen is a Hero Pack that introduces all-new strategies to Across the Obelisk.

Create powerful new builds thanks to Amelia’s unique ability to bring cards from the vanish pile back into her deck. Build chilling cold damage decks and help Amelia on her desperate quest to save Senenthia.

Main Features

  • The Queen Amelia hero, complete with a new set of enchantment cards specializing in cold damage.

  • A powerful ability unique to Amelia that allows for even greater depth in deckbuilding. Bring cards from the vanish pile back into your deck!

  • Spellsword - Amelia’s unique resource that opens up a whole new world of combo possibilities.

  • Rifty - a new pet with the ability to remove buffs from your enemies.

  • New reply options for use during events, expanding the lore of Senenthia.

  • Three new character skins fit for a queen.

  • Three new card backs to keep your deck looking at its royal finest.Five new emotes. Ensure your party follows your royal decrees!



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