new hero pack for across the obelisk


Paradox Interactive and Dreamsite Interactive’s deck building adventure game Across the Obelisk is coming with a new Hero Pack! Amelia, the Queen brings back the astray Queen of Senenthia to help search for her missing daughter, the princess. This new hero comes with a new set of enchantment cards specializing in cold damage and vanishing cards. The Queen also comes with new card backs, emotes and skins for more diversity to your game.

Embark on your journey to solve the mystery of the Obelisk with the Queen herself at the helm of your party.

Amelia the Queen comes with:

A new hero: The Queen, with a set of cards focusing on cold damage and vanishing cards Rifty, a new pet that removes buffs from your opponents 3 skins for The Queen 3 new card backs 5 emotes for the Queen New reply options during events



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