Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms is Across the Obelisk available on?

Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch™ with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S coming Summer 2024.

What languages are supported?

English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Do you need a Paradox Account to play Across the Obelisk?

No, you don’t need a Paradox Account to play Across the Obelisk!

Currently, you can play cross-play without a Paradox Account as well. When Across the Obelisk is available on all platforms (Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S), you will however need a Paradox Account to play co-op across platforms. Players playing co-op on the same platform will not need a Paradox Account.

Why do you need a Paradox Account to play crossplay co-op in Across the Obelisk?

When you play cross platform co-op, there needs to be a backend that organizes the play session and your contacts. When playing single player or co-op on the same platform - no Paradox Account is needed.

Will Across the Obelisk support cross platform cloud saves?

At this time, no. Progress made on one platform will only apply to that platform if you own the game on more than one system.

Can you play co-op with other players when you don’t own the same DLC’s?

Yes. Story Packs are shared with your whole party across all platforms. You can follow along on your friends adventure and play the acts that are included in the DLCs they own. Heroes included in DLCs are not shared between players.

How does cooperative gameplay work in Across the Obelisk?

Each player controls separate characters in the same party. Combine character classes in different ways to find your favorite play styles and embark together on a thrilling quest to rescue a realm in turmoil.

How do I stay up to date with news about Across the Obelisk?

Follow our social media channels (X / Instagram), join our discord and sign up for emails about Across the Obelisk

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