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Pack the sunscreen and head on over to the Sands of Ulminin for a new challenge!

The emergence of a portal spawns rumors across the lands of Senenthia and your party sets forth to investigate whatever new secrets and mysteries lie beneath the desert and the pyramids of Ulminin.


Prepare for an epic journey on your quest to find Lord Hanshek and rescue the princess of Senethia. You’ll meet new allies and challenging enemies as you traverse through this completely new zone that is playable as Act 2 or 3 of the adventure. Delve into the desert canyons, unravel the mysteries of these ancient pyramids, and discover what lurks beneath the Sand of Ulminin in our brand new DLC.


Joining you on your adventure are two new heroes! Laia, a Paladin who acts as a hybrid between a Healer and a Warrior, and Navalea, a Fallen who embodies the Warrior-Mage Archetypes! Both heroes are capable of utilizing cards from both of their hybrid classes, making for some powerful dual-class options for you to experiment with!


Also, in this DLC:

  • Two new Aura and Curse mechanics called Scourge and Zeal

  • Three new pets to be unlocked

  • A multi-layered dungeon in the pyramids of Ulminin

  • More than 20 new enemies

  • 3 new bosses

  • More than 30 new items

  • An all-new scarab mechanic where scarabs will randomly appear during combat and give bonuses if you manage to defeat them!

  • …and much more!



Across the Obelisk

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