Deep Strategy City-builder Airport Mobile Game

Free-to-Play Management-Strategy Game Available on Mobile Platforms


Build And Develop Your Dream Airport

Airport Simulator: First Class allows players to build, develop, and manage the operations of an entire airport, placing everything from security checkpoints to coffee shops, maintaining contracts and schedules with airlines, and optimizing passenger satisfaction from arrival to departure. From initial planning and construction through upgrades and additions, players’ airports can grow into massive international hubs, where passengers’ needs and flight schedules grow ever more detailed and complex.

The game is free-to-play and available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play!


Build the Ultimate Airport

Plan and place everything your airport needs in city-builder style gameplay, from runways to terminals and everything in between. Add new features as you grow and ensure your planes have access to fuel, catering, and open gates, while your passengers find their way through security, passport control, food, shopping, and much more.


Get Your Business Off the Ground

Develop a strategy for your airport - will you focus on low-cost flights and short trips, or charter flights and premium airlines? Sign new contracts and expand your operations, but be sure you have the infrastructure and capacity to keep up, or risk your best partnerships. From maintaining your budget to organizing your flight schedules, you’ve got to balance it all!


Please Passengers and Pilots Alike

Manage the needs of both travelers and staff by ensuring smooth operations on both sides. Keep your services running and prevent flight delays to make your passengers happy, and impress your partners with high sales and quality facilities. Attention to detail will keep things flying steady!


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