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Main Features

Manage A Perfect Storm

Riot Before the Storm

“Calamities,” like Deep Freezes, Heatwaves, Rat Infestations, and Lightning Storms can cause structural damage, lower prison ratings, and wreak havoc in the compound.

Come Cell or High Water

Pest Control, Plumbers, Repairmen, and Road Maintenance Emergency Services are available for immediate relief from calamities. Electrician, Cold Control, Fire Safety, First Aid Training, and Pest Removal training allow staff to mitigate damage and keep things running smoothly.

Granted Refuge

Grants for Disaster Relief, Heatwaves, Emergency Protocol, Subsidence, Advanced Staff Training and Utility Retrofit Grant fund much-needed preparations to help ride out Calamities.

Raining Rats and Dogs

Check current and forecasted weather conditions, and use weather prediction objects, to stay apprised of any impending disasters.


Immerse yourself in Prison Architect - Perfect Storm
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