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By Night Studios celebrate Month of Darkness with merch discounts and upcoming LARP!

On 3rd day of Month of Darkness, By Night Studios join the celebrations with merch discounts, upcoming Laws of the Night Deluxe Edition, and Darkness Emergent LARP!

Vampire autumn is upon us - get ready for it with leather-bound clan journals, pins to represent your clan or sect, and warm Vampire: The Masquerade-themed hoodies (including Pride ones)! All these items are discounted for the duration of Month of Darkness, and you can find them in By Night Studios online store here.

Oh, did we mention bath bombs? Yes. Vampire bath bombs.

World of Darkness - By Night Studios - Lasombra hoodie

But that's not all! After successful crowdfunding campaign of Laws of the Night - sourcebook that blends Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition rules with live-action roleplaying - this month marks the release of its Deluxe edition, with a lot of extra art. You can pre-order it here.

And why not test it out in practice? We invite you to join By Night Studios in San Antonio on November 2-5th 2023 for Darkness Emergent event, including LARP, panels, tabletop games, as well as coordinated "vacation" activities for your coteries and packs.

World of Darkness - By Night Studios - Darkness Emergent Rectangle

We're happy to announce Cynthia Marie (known for her roles as Nelli G in LA by Night and Coco in NY by Night) as the event's Prince of San Antonio and cultural consultant.

Be quick to register for the event - last tickets are available on sale now here!

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