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Music To Make Love To Vampires To - Clan Toreador Playlist is out now!

Welcome to day 30th of Month of Darkness! Before we end this month with a big surprise, it's time to lay down for a bit and relax, preferably with a friendly bloodsucker on our side.

World of Darkness - Clan Toreador Playlist

Vampire: The Masquerade fans love to immerse themselves in dark and atmospheric music, as proven by the popularity of our Music To Roleplay Vampires To or Vampire: The Masquerade Beats To Contemplate Eternal Life To! We began expanding our playlists with clan-themed ones, starting with Malkavian beats we shared a bit ago.

With the upcoming release of Vampire: The Masquerade - Blood Stained Love (check the product page for latest previews!), we believe it's great time to give some spotlight to a clan often associated with the theme of romance. It's time for Clan Toreador Playlist, filled with lo-fi, jazz and r&b mixed with classical music, with an added note of suspense.

Enjoy the vibes and let us know what you think in the video's comments!

But there's more! We want to share with you an early surprise and spoil what we have for you tomorrow (apart from, of course, Seattle by Night Season 2 premiere).

World of Darkness - Bloodlines 2 Narrative RPG Teaser

That's right - tune in to our YouTube Premiere tomorrow at 5 PM CEST, 12 PM Eastern and 9 AM Pacific for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Narrative & RPG stream to learn things about our game you haven't seen before!

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