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Exclusive interview with Hunter: The Reckoning: Beast of Glenkildove writer

Full moon. Cold night. Dark shadow. Warm gun. The Beast of Glenkildove has stalked Ireland for centuries. Now, you must hunt it.

Today, we'd like to invite you to an exclusive World of Darkness News interview with William Brown - author of Hunter: The Reckoning - Beast of Glenkildove - to reveal more secrets behind the upcoming title!

The interview will happen on our Twitch channel at 5 PM CEST, 11 AM EDT, 8 AM Pacific - and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel the day after.

world-of-darkness-hunter beast of glenkildove

Eight years ago, when you were eighteen, the Beast of Glenkildove killed one of your closest friends. You've never returned to Ireland since that day. It's difficult to remember what happened. As you'll soon learn, the human mind blots out the traumatic memories of facing a werewolf. Now, you must stalk that werewolf across the shadowed glens and fogbound mountains of Ireland, hunting a shapeshifting killing machine with your friends, your wits, and a shotgun. But you and your friends are not alone. You have entered a world of Hunters, humans who dare to challenge the dominion of the monsters who rule over them. Can you trust the fanatics of the Society of Leopold, the scholars and savants of the Arcanum, the ruthless Duffy crime family, or the enigmatic biotech company Fada? Can you even trust your oldest friends? Redemption for some. Retribution for others. A reckoning for all.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; befriend or romance humans and supernaturals of any gender

  • Kill, study, capture, document or negotiate with the creatures you hunt

  • Craft your own traps, gear, and weapons to take the Hunt to the enemy

  • Find camaraderie and romance with the only people in the world that you can trust to fight alongside you

  • Adopt and train your own wolfhound to assist you in the Hunt

  • Build and maintain your own safehouse at the Wolf’s Head Inn in the Wicklow Mountains

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