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Introducing: Vampire: The Masquerade Basic Mechanics Infographic

We know how much our community likes our free infographics - we've seen many of you using our Clan, Tribe or Make-A-Vampire roleplaying helpers at your tables, conventions and events, and we've received many requests to share more!

The time has come today, with our brand new Vampire: The Masquerade Basic Mechanics infographic! It's free to print and share online, and should contain every basic mechanic you need to organize an entry-level Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop session, and to teach your friends how to play.

Learn quickly how Vampire dice, Health and Willpower work below! Right click and open the image in the new tab for the full size:

World of Darkness - Vampire: The Masquerade Basic Mechanics Infographic

It's also available in free PDF format to download from our Free Content section, together with other World of Darkness infographics.

Are our infographics too visually busy for you? Similarly to last year's Make-A-Vampire which also came in a text-to-speech friendly, plain version on our Wiki, we also introduce a corresponding Basic Mechanics article to fit your needs!

Do you find this resource helpful? Would you like to see similar done for our other settings? Let us know on our Discord server!

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