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World of Darkness Assets, Symbols and Logos Archive Update

Welcome to 29th day of Month of Darkness! We dedicate this day to our community creators bringing you homebrew, Storytellers Vault sourcebooks, actual play shows, Discord servers, and other fan-made ways and tools to enjoy our settings even more.

During our previous Month of Darkness celebrations, we shared an archive with free-to-use image assets, as well as World of Darkness logos and symbols that can be used in Storytellers Vault, Dark Pack and Unbound projects.

This month, we revised these content packs. Today, we bring you a brand new, all-on-one free package with even more assets to use!

  • Logos, clan, faction and dice symbols for Vampire: The Masquerade,

  • Hunter: The Reckoning logos,

  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse logos and big library of glyphs,

  • Transparent dice symbols based on all our officially available dice,

  • Illustrations separated into categories (Antagonists, Characters, Scenes, Locations)

World of Darkness - Assets Update

You can find the asset pack in our Free Content library or download it directly here!

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