Tune in, Kick back

Take the stress out of your streets and relax while you re-district! From Tobias Gustavsson, composer of popular music packs for Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II, comes the first-ever music pack for Cities: Skylines, featuring over an hour of original music for use with the in-game radio stations. Soothing jazz, lounge music, groove music, and even a pleasant Caribbean vibe can be found on the Relaxation Station, so tune in, kick back, and let our in-game DJ spin the relaxing playlist for your listening pleasure.

Main features


  • Incontro - White Nuckle Sadness

  • Incontro - Cantaloopia

  • Cosmic Magnolia - Solar Sister

  • Cosmic Magnolia - Fluxus

  • The Rhyme Experience - Airglow

  • Le Chet Noir - Bouganvillea Maintheme

  • Le Chet Noir - Boutique Uniq

  • Latin Eleganza - A Dawn Away

  • Latin Eleganza - Pretty Skies

  • Ladies Chill - The Royal Bahamas

  • Penalonia - Love to go

  • Penalonia - The Calm

  • Penalonia - Bathwater

  • Lock Stoch And The!° - Next Stop Horizon

  • Scarified - Normilazations

  • Café Salou - Balaeric Nights

  • Café Salou - Calma Redemtion

  • Subconsious Mindflower - Lucidity

  • Subconsious Mindflower - Big Thrill

  • Locomotive Ambience - Emoticon


Immerse yourself in Cities: Skylines - Relaxation Station
Cities: Skylines - Relaxation Station (screenshot 1)
Cities: Skylines - cardBackground

Full game required

Play with the full game version of Cities: Skylines