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Heart of Korea

Expand your City with Heart of Korea, a fresh, South Korean-inspired Content Creator Pack by Content Creator Elvis. Explore new cityscapes and get inspired by 60 new assets including service buildings, growable buildings that expand as your area develops, and 8 new unique buildings.

Heart of Korea features 60 assets, including:

  • 29 Growable low-density residential

  • 17 Growable high-density commercial 

  • 6 service buildings 

  • 8  unique buildings

K-Pop Station

Get in the groove with some K-pop tunes! Straight from South Korea, K-Pop Station arrives to energize your city-management skills.  

K-Pop Station features 16 songs for more than 45 minutes of music!


The only way is up! Touch the sky with the “Skyscrapers” Content Creator pack by Feindbold. Enjoy more than 15 skyscrapers and high rises inspired by iconic buildings from all over the world. 

Skyscrapers Key Features:

  • North America: Three buildings reaching up to 256m, inspired by iconic structures from the 1900s.

  • Europe: Six skyscrapers from countries all across the continent, including Germany, France, Spain, and Poland.

  • Asia: Three buildings based on modern structures from Japan and Taiwan. 

  • Australia: Two skyscrapers reaching 228m inspired by landmark Sydney buildings.

  • Africa: Two buildings reaching 223m based on South African structures from the late 20th century.

  • South America: Two skyscrapers inspired by high-rise buildings of Brazilian cities.

80’s Downtown Beat Radio Station

Feeling the asphalt melting under your feet? Got stuck in a traffic jam? What about stepping on a cramped train? Breathe in the modern City! Put your headphones on and lace up your rollerskates with the 80’s Downtown Beat radio

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