Included in the World Tour Bundle

It’s the second stop of the Cities: Skylines “World Tour”, with new content inspired from around the world! Cities: Skylines “World Tour Bundle Part II” includes three Content Creator Packs and three radio stations. In detail:

Africa in Miniature

Cities: Skylines presents Africa In Miniature: a new world of possibilities set in the African Continent. The first Content Creator Pack from long-time Cities fan, 3D Artist Setonji "Prince Set" Hotonu allows you to explore Africa’s exceptionally diverse architecture, vibrant colors, and unique urban mix. Africa In Miniature includes:

  • 11 unique buildings

  • 2 monuments

  • 4 service buildings

  • 9 growable buildings

  • 2 props

For a total of 28 new buildings inspired by the existing urban masterpieces and unique architectural concepts.

JADIA Radio Station

The African continent is vast, and its music is diverse. JADIA Radio Station (Just Another Day in Africa) is a collection of 16 tracks from musician Wan Shey who pays homage to his country’s musical traditions, adding new vibes to Cities: Skylines.

Shopping Malls

It’s time for some retail extravaganza! With the Content Creator Pack “Shopping Malls” by community modder KingLeno you can bring your shopping experience to the next level, adding a variety of shopping malls to your City. This content creator pack offers more than 60 assets, including department stores, shopping plazas, and fast food restaurants to populate your Shopping areas. Shopping Malls includes:

  • 4 unique buildings: Shopping Plaza, Large Grocery Store, Medium Grocery Store, Mall of Marvels

  • 53 growable buildings added to the commercial zone (neighborhood malls, big box stores, modern luxury malls, and outdoor pedestrian malls)

  • Additional theme-related props

80’s Movies Radio Station

This time we’re taking you to the movies! “80’s Movies Tunes” is a Radio Station inspired by the 80’s classics. Let’s dive into the past with more than 15 tracks and around 70 minutes of music.

Sports Venues

Sports season never ends with “Sports Venues”, a Content Creator Pack by community modder BadPeanut. From unique stadiums to community sports parks, this Content Creator Pack has everything you need to satisfy your City’s needs for sports! Sports Venues” includes:

  • 6 large unique stadiums (football, baseball, and American football)

  • 6 Mid-sized unique stadiums

  • 10 Community sports parks

Watch your citizens enjoy their favorite match! All large stadiums have realistic football, baseball, and American football animation - plus some new cool stats for you to look at. Some of them also have built-in public transport options. Do you prefer smaller crowds? Try Community sports parks: they’re smaller and can be placed everywhere.

Pop-Punk Radio Station

We created this Radio Station for all the Pop-Punk city builders out there. If you enjoy pop-punk music, then this Radio Station is for you! With 16 tracks and more than 75 minutes of powerful, high-beat tunes.

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