Free for all Europa Universalis IV players

Free for all Europa Universalis IV players

Main Features

To celebrate ten years of Europa Universalis IV, community composers “Utopia” and "George Hammond" have remastered ten of their best songs to accompany your quests for empire. This pack is free for all Europa Universalis IV players, and includes almost 40 minutes of original music with themes of exploration and expansion, suitable as a score for the grandest of ambitions. The songs included are: 1. Dawn of an Empire (Anbennar) 2. Into the Beyond (Ante Bellum) 3. The Conquistador (Atlas Novum) 4. A World to Explore (Europa Expanded) 5. A Brief History of Everything (Extended Timeline) 6. One World (Flavor Universalis) 7. All Roads Lead to Rome (Imperium Universalis) 8. Clara Umbra (Lux in Tenebris) 9. Back to the Motherland (Third Odyssey) 10. In Taverns and Great Halls (1356 - A Timeline Extension)



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