Revive and Restore Mighty Empires

Empires and cultures as old as civilization itself stretch across the Near and Middle East, barriers against Ottoman expansion into Asia and North Africa. In Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings, these great centers of humanity - Cairo, Constantinople, and Isfahan - get a fresh look, with new historical flavor, greater gameplay variety and compelling alternate histories as you rewrite the history of the early modern world.

This immersion pack to Europa Universalis IV adds over 300 new missions, over 150 new events and dozens of changes to Government Reforms and Estates for the Byzantine Empire, the Mamluk Sultanate, Persia and more.



King of Kings

Main Features

Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings includes major updates for:


- Use the influence of Persian art and culture to bring neighboring kingdoms into your orbit. - Over 70 new National Missions - Unique mission choices depending on the state religion - Sunni, Shia or Zoroastrian - as well as Centers of Reformation and other ways to expand the faith. - New National Idea sets, unique Government Reforms and unique Estates and agendas.

Mamluk Egypt

- Over 30 new National Missions - New Diplomatic options including exporting Egyptian grain and promoting the Hajj. - Unique Mamluk Government Reforms, Mercenary Companies and Estate Privileges. - Option to Westernize Egypt.

Byzantine Empire

- Over 60 new National Missions - Unique Government Reforms and Estate Privileges - New Subject type - the Pronoia - Over 50 new Byzantine themed events and 10 new Decisions

There are also changes for

- Armenia and Georgia: Two Christian kingdoms, pinned between rising empires - Arabia and Yemen: Competing powers on the Arabian peninsula, guarding the holy sites of Islam and the trade routes to India. - Ardabil: A major seat of Iranian culture, and the origin state of modern Persia/Iran. - Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu: Turkmen middle powers resisting Ottoman expansion before the unification of Persia.

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