Enhancing the Audio Experience of Playing Europa Universalis IV

When power projection meets power metal, every game of Europa Universalis IV feels like an epic in motion! The latest Music Pack adds five tracks from the Swedish power metal band Sabaton, with songs about the art of war and the never-ending battles of mankind. Hardcore historical music alongside the deepest historical simulator in the world -- it's a match made in Sweden!

© We Burn Music and Not A Bas Records

Published by Raging Beaver Publishing AB and Sound Pollution Songs

Main features


  • A Lifetime Of War

  • Art Of War

  • The Lion From The North

  • Carolus Rex

  • Karolinens Bön


Immerse yourself in Europa Universalis IV: Sabaton Soundtrack
Europa Universalis IV: Sabaton Soundtrack (screenshot 1)
Europa Universalis IV - cardBackground

Full game required

Play with the full game version of Europa Universalis IV