Europa Universalis IV

Ultimate Sprite Pack

Upgrade the appearance of Europa Universalis IV with the Ultimate Sprite Pack. This pack includes twenty-eight separate packs to add greater cultural and historical fidelity to the appearance of military sprites, as well as other attractive visual content on the map. Many packs update the armies across multiple game eras, so the look of the forces at your command transition seamlessly from the Renaissance up through the Napoleonic era. Others add new monuments and portraits.

The Ultimate Sprite Pack contains:

Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack: New unit designs for the great southern power Vijayanagar, the eastern might of Bengal, and various other Indian nations.

Native Americans Unit Pack: Unique unit designs for seven major North American nations, including the Huron, Iroquois, Sioux, Apache and more.

Native Americans II Unit Pack: Unique unit designs for ten North American nations, including the Mi'kmaq, Shoshone, Navajo and more.

Muslim Ships Unit Pack: Twelve unique ship designs for Muslim nations.

Indian Ships Unit Pack: Twelve unique ship designs for Indian nations.

Colonial British and French Unit Pack: Sixteen unique unit models for British and French colonial troops.

Catholic League Unit Pack: New unit designs for twelve Catholic powers from the Religious Wars, including Austria, Spain, the Papal States, Poland, Bavaria and important city states.

Conquistadors Unit Pack: Sixteen unique unit models for Spanish and Portuguese colonial troops.

Trade Nations Unit Pack: Sixteen new unit models for Aragon, Genoa, Lubeck and Novgorod.

Evangelical Union Unit Pack: New unit designs for twelve anti-Imperial powers from the Religious Wars, including France, England, Brandenburg, Sweden, Denmark, Bohemia and more.

Common Sense Content Pack: 32 new units designs for major nations (England, France, etc.), Free Imperial Cities, Theocratic European states and Southeast Asian Buddhist nations, created for the Common Sense expansion.

Cradle of Civilization Content Pack: New unit designs for nations of the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian region and the Turkmen nations of Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu, created for the Cradle of Civilization expansion.

Dharma Content Pack: New army units models for major Hindu nations (including Melwar, Orissa and Gondwana), major Indian Muslim nations (Mughals, Bahmanis, etc), redesigned elephant cavalry, and 42 new Indian advisor portraits, created for the Dharma expansion.

El Dorado Content Pack: 24 new army units for South American and Mesoamerican nations including the Aztec, Inca and Maya, as well as five new songs, created for the El Dorado expansion.

Emperor Content Pack: 33 new army units for Balkan area nations (Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia), Italian neighbours (Switzerland, Savoy, Sicily) and designs for newly formed German and Italian nations, created for the Emperor expansion pack.

Mandate of Heaven Content Pack: Major new army pack with fresh designs for China, Japan, Korea, Manchurian and Mongol horde nations, Asian ships and Asian artillery, created for the Mandate of Heaven expansion pack.

Mare Nostrum Content Pack: 48 new unit designs for armies of the Mediterranean and Red Sea, including new sprites for Italian, North African and East Africa, created for the Mare Nostrum expansion pack.

Rights of Man Content Pack: New unit sprites for twelve German princely states and eight West African nations, created for the Rights of Man expansion pack.

The Cossacks Content Pack: Major pack of unit sprites including 32 fresh designs for empires of the Black Sea, 32 for major Horde nations, twelve new European cavalry designs, and remodelled forts for almost every region, created for the Cossacks expansion pack.

The Winged Hussars Pack: 12 unique cavalry models for the cavalry for Russia, Poland and Lithuania, three of the most influential eastern European states.

The National Monuments Pack: New national monuments and items of interest, including Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Tower of London, the Old Faithful geyser, The Kremlin, Saint Peter's Cathedral, Mount Fuji and the temple Angkor Wat.

National Monuments II: New national monuments and items of interest, including Hagia Sophia, Stonehenge, Buddhas of Bamiyan, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, the Parthenon, Petra, the Forbidden City, Easter Island statues, Himeji Castle and Tenochtitlan.

Muslim Advisor Portraits: 21 new portraits for Muslim faith advisors.

Catholic Majors Unit Pack: Nine new unit models for three important European Catholic nations: Austria, Poland and Spain.

Evangelical Majors Unit Pack: Eight new unit models for three important anti-Imperial armies: Brandenburg/Prussia, France and Sweden.

Horsemen of the Crescent Unit Pack: Twelve new cavalry models for Ottoman, Mamluk and Persian armies.

100 Years War Unit Pack: Eleven new infantry models for the major participants in the 100 Hundred Years War, including Burgundy, England, France, and Scotland.

Imperator Unit Pack: Four new infantry models inspired by the styles of Ancient Rome. Each unit and content pack can still be purchased separately.

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