FAQ & Roadmap



This roadmap outlines our future plans for the game, including both some planned features and ideas. Please note that features mentioned here are not guaranteed and may change during our experimentation process.

We've categorized our ideas into "Under Construction" and "In Research". Your feedback on these features and ideas is valuable as we will prioritize updates based on player feedback. No features are currently guaranteed. We’d really enjoy hearing your thoughts and get your input on our roadmap. Please reach out to us on Discord or in the Paradox Forum to share your feedback. 

In Production

Science Tier 5 Expansion

More science pack 5 researches, content and progression.

Science Tier 6

Add science pack 6 and related research, machines and recipes.

Space Station Features

More modules and deeper selling mechanics. More content that affects regular gameplay.

Machine Tuning

Change and adjust machine behavior, f.i. Increased machine speed or lower power consumption.

Advanced Power Plants

An advanced power plant made of multiple modular buildings.

New Decor Pieces

More decor pieces allow for more creative freedom to build even cooler factories.


Add critters and small animals that roam the world of FOUNDRY.


Copy and paste parts of your factory to make scaling up less tedious.

Usability / UX Improvements

Improve UI and general gameplay comfort.

World Updates

Make the world more interesting by adding things to discover, caves and other features.

In Research


A train system that lets you move large quantities of goods over long distances.


Automated agriculture as part of the factory.

Critter Gameplay

Tie critters into regular gameplay instead of being mostly decorative.

Pressure Mechanic

An optional pressure mechanic that provides more challenge if desired.

Character Equipment

Upgrade and replace parts of the player character.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundry? 

FOUNDRY is a first-person factory building simulation set in an endless procedurally generated voxel world. Mine resources, craft machinery and automate your research to progress through the game. Face logistic challenges by planning and building a conveyor belt and pipe network. Manage a complex power system and expand your constantly growing production lines!

When will FOUNDRY be available?

We will be available for early access on May 2nd, 2024!

What is the price of FOUNDRY? 

The cost during Early Access will be $29.99, regional price may vary. 

We will have a launch discount of 10% between May 2 - May 16!

What if I bought the game on itch before?

Players who bought the game on itch.io will get a Steam key sent out to them prior to the release — the keys are already on the way! The key will enable itch players to redeem FOUNDRY Founder's Edition on the day of Early Access release, May 2nd.

What is FOUNDRY Founder’s Edition? 

FOUNDRY Founder’s Edition contains the base game as well as the Founder’s cosmetic pack. This cosmetic pack was created for players who were there from the start or who wants to provide extra support during Early Access. FOUNDRY Founder’s Edition contains fancy skins for the office decorative objects as well as a tie and top hat to cement your reputation as a highly respected Factory Founder! The edition will be priced $34.99, and you can also buy the additional skins and items separately if you decide to get them later.

What platforms will FOUNDRY be on?

At the moment we are planning to release FOUNDRY only on Steam, but we will keep you posted if that changes in the future!

Is it available on Steam Deck? 

Yes, we are playable on Steam Deck :)

Will FOUNDRY have GeForce NOW support?


Why Early Access?

With Early Access the community will help us to create a better game since player feedback is crucial for complex simulation games. We will listen to your feedback and you may influence the development. Additionally your early support helps us to make the most of the potential we see in FOUNDRY.

What is the official game website, where can I read more about the game?


What languages will the game support? 

English, French, German, Spanish (both Spain and LATAM), Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

I’d love to learn more about the state of the game! 

We want to be as transparent with our playerbase as possible and keep everyone updated about how things are going. We are now looking into various ways to make it happen (like streams, dev diaries etc), and we will let everyone know as soon as we have picked the best format!

How can I be notified about news?

We highlight important news, updates and other content we think you might find interesting in Paradox Launcher, but also as a part of our regular newsletter! Sign up to be posted about the latest news and get a unique gift on Steam when the game is officially out — Exclusive Mining Drill skin! 

I have a question I want to ask a developer, where can I do that?

We have a Discord server and our Official Forum. Make sure to follow both of them not to miss a thing.

Do you have a roadmap?

We will share our Early Access roadmap around the Early Access release! We aim to prioritize the features based on your feedback and actively work on the game together with the community. Feel free to share your own ideas and discuss upcoming updates with us across our social channels!

Where can I report a bug or send feedback?

In case you encounter any issues in the game please press F9 to send an in-game report, or post about it on Paradox Forum (in the Bug Reports section which will be available when the game is out) as it is our main platform for bug reporting: this is the best way to let our developers know that something is wrong. 

What happened/will happen to the itch.io version of the game? 

If you bought the game previously on itch.io, you can still access your itch version of the game. However it will no longer be updated.

Gameplay questions: 

Does the game have online or co-op gameplay? 

It does! The multiplayer mode is mostly designed towards 2-4 players on the same server, but you can always go extra as there is no hard limit.

What about the dedicated servers hosting? 

This is something that we’ve been working on for a while! We are currently planning to have the feature available at the Early Access launch. 

Will the game have modding support? 

Official mod support will arrive during Early Access, but the game is already moddable in large parts and there is a modding community on our Discord.


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