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Foundry Dev Blog #10 - Bonjour, Update!

Localization Updates

Last week we launched our community-based localization system. We decided to use a web-service called crowdin to allow our users to translate the game. So far we are very happy with how things go and we will likely stick with crowdin. A web-based solution was very important to us, as it makes managing the translation effort a lot easier. Assigning people to translations, keeping an overview and managing the communication quickly becomes a full-time-job and makes a generally already exhausting task more complicated.

We are now waiting a bit for translations to make progress until we release the next update bringing the new languages to our game. All the work on the software side has been done.

If you want to help translating you can find more information on our Discord at the #crowd-translation channel.


Our french translation has already made incredible progress and is roughly 80% done at the time of writing. Thank you very much to everybody who contributed, we did not expect it to be this fast!

Additionally we're make progress in German, our own mother tongue. I have to say that meaningful translations are pretty difficult, even into someones native language. (Or maybe my language skills are limited.)

‍Usability Update

We don't exactly know when the next update will be released, however we expect it within the next ten days (not a guarantee though!). It will contain the already mentioned language system, usability improvements and feature requests. On various occasions I talked about taking user feedback serious and wanting to involve the community into the process of development. As you will see those were no empty words, lots of user requests will be added with the next update, for instance:

  • Improved tutorial messages. (more improvements to come)

  • Increased mining drill range.

  • Allowing drag-building for terrain blocks.

  • Improved light visualization.

  • Bulk-demolishing.

  • Auto-climbing of voxel terrain.

  • Many more smaller changes and improvements.

Now those are merely smaller usability things, but rest assured that we will listen to balancing and gameplay requests as well.

Additionally we have simultaneously begun working on the concept and scope of the next big content update. It is too early to tease what's coming, but we will share our vision when it's more concrete.