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Foundry Dev Blog #11 - Steam & Near Future

Wishlist on Steam!

We're happy to announce that FOUNDRY is now listed on Steam as "Coming Soon", ready for you to be wish-listed. Please be aware that it will take a while - most likely more than a year - before FOUNDRY will be available on Steam. But it is very important for us to start growing a community and to generate some awareness. Future blog posts will also be posted on Steam. People who bought the game on itch.io will be able to claim a Steam key later, but we do not yet know how the exact procedure will work, as we have to prevent key-selling.

‍Update 0.2.2

Within the next days we will launch Update 0.2.2, which contains mostly usability improvements - lots of requested things like auto-climb or bulk demolish. Our plan is to launch it on an experimental branch as there were quite a lot of deeper changes. I yet have to look into the possibilities of doing so on itch.io, but from what I've seen there shouldn't be much of an issue to manage two branches (stable & experimental) over there. A detailed changelog will be posted on launch.

‍Next Content Update

It will take a while, but we're making good progress on working out the details for the next content update. When we finished our concept phase we'll make everything public. We also plan to show a better structured roadmap soon. During active development we'll keep you updated with lots of screenshots and videos, but at this point there is nothing to present.