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Foundry Dev Blog #12 - Experimental Branch

Experimental Branch

This week we are going to introduce the experimental branch: It's a second download-able version on and we'll release the newest updates there first. We strive for the highest possible quality, so we are never going to upload buggy versions of the game intentionally. However it will contain less-tested game versions, so you should expect a few issues.

We will announce updates to the experimental branch on our Discord server. The decision on which build you use depends on your thirst for adventure, you'll see new features but it might come at the cost of new bugs and issues. We do hope that some of you are interested in helping to test the newest stuff, it's mostly intended for that purpose.

How to get it?

If you're downloading the game manually from the website, just use the second link at the download-section:


If you're using the launcher, you need to click the cogwheel-icon at the FOUNDRY game page to open a new window where you can manage your versions:

foundry-news-12-2 Game Launcher


Here you can manage your versions inside the launcher


Do NOT overwrite your old savegames!

Even if everything looks good and works fine, never overwrite your old savegames, you could lose the game state forever in case something goes wrong. If you don't overwrite your old savegames you can always go back to the stable version and continue playing.

Savegame compatibility: Generally we try to keep savegames compatible, but sometimes it's not possible, then we'll explicitly state that you need to start a new game. Savegames created with a newer version (experimental branch) are in general not compatible with older versions, however they sometimes will be and you can always try, but it's not recommended.