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Foundry Dev Blog #14 - Winter Progress Report

Progress Report

As mentioned in the last blog post, our team went on a two week vacation to recharge the batteries. Since that we are back on track working towards the next big update. For the details on the update read the previous dev blog.

The most progress has been made on the dynamite and the ability to blow up terrain and machines. We are about halfway through with the underground mining and have finished some of the minor tasks. All in all we think we might be able to release the update in late January - as always, no promises. We will release it when we think the quality is sufficient.

Development will get a bit delayed with the upcoming holidays, but since everything is on lockdown anyways I expect good progress over the course of the following two weeks.

Below are some images of the already finished 3D models. The big models, like the underground mining machines, are yet to be done.


Explosives and Detonator


‍Chunks of Debris


Single Debris Parts

‍Blog Frequency

So I haven't kept up with the weekly dev blogs, but I'll try to get them back to appear regularly in January. However I might switch to a two-week interval, I'll think about that. Maybe in future other team members will write a blog post from time to time. One of the main reasons that I didn't post every week was that there weren't any big topics to write about and honestly I don't really enjoy writing a very specific - almost technical - report of the things that changed. Often we need to finish the groundwork for a new feature and that is pretty boring.

Happy Holidays!