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Foundry Dev Blog #15 - Road to 0.3

Update 0.3

With the next big update our game's version will change to 0.3, introducing new and exciting changes. It will fundamentally improve the coherency of our core features automation, mining and the voxel world. I already talked in previous blog posts about the contents and how underground mining is going to work, so I am not going to repeat myself since there is plenty of other information to provide.

Below I will tease another new building coming with 0.3, but first I want to start with general things: Our progress is good, while some of the features took longer than expected at the beginning, we were able to finish some of them ultimately pretty quick. I always said I want to publish the update by late January, and from a development-perspective this seems still possible, but due to also being dependent on the completion of the art and following testing/balancing phases, it will be tight and will likely be delayed by a bit. If it's just the art that is holding us back, we might push it to the "Experimental" build with placeholder art in case some of you want to take a look. Because Update 0.3 contains major core mechanic changes it will not be possible to continue your previous save files on the new version.

Freight Elevator

As Update 0.3 will give you more reasons to go further down (and up) in our voxel world, we figured the game needs more convenient ways to transport items vertically than conveyor slopes, these are just not fun if you need to move items 200 blocks up or down.

So here we are introducing the Freight Elevator: It consists of two parts, the upper and the lower end, which will automatically connect if the space between those parts is empty. You can imagine it like a tower with integrated freight containers moving up and down allowing you to transport your items. Connect belts by using loaders as you would with every other machine. The elevator works both up/down, depending on where you insert your items and they will automatically go to the other end.

Elevators are synchronized with the throughput rates of the belts, so they can be seamlessly integrated into conveyor belt routes.

As much as I'd love to provide images, the models are sadly not done yet, bear with us :)

‍I hope you had a good start into the new year!