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Foundry Dev Blog #16 - Progress Report 0.3

Progress Report on 0.3

We are a bit behind on programming and testing, but overall Update 0.3 is coming together nicely and it's core mechanics are finished. Unfortunately our art will take longer to complete since there have been multiple Covid-19 cases in the art studio that creates our models. Thank god everybody is fine again but it obviously threw us back a bit. We are now starting to test the new gameplay and will push Update 0.3 to the Experimental Branch with placeholder art when we think it's ready for community feedback.

Since we now have a bit more time since we have to wait for the art to finish, we started to implement a new lighting system that will replace our currently (flawed) global illumination solution. Right now the day-night cycle is also happening inside our caves, this will be fixed when our work is complete.

Finally Screenshots

Some of those are not final, some of those are straight out placeholders, but I wanted to show off what we've done since you have to wait a bit longer.‍


‍Freight Elevator


Placeholder for Freight Elevator

‍I will post additional videos in our Discord.

‍Hope to see you soon on the Experimental Branch, - mrmcd