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Foundry Dev Blog #20 - Update 0.3 on Stable Branch

Update 0.3 NOW STABLE

Today we released Update 0.3 to the stable branch! I'd like to thank everybody who helped testing and tracing bugs, due to the community's help we can now publish a stable version of 0.3.

FOUNDRY still is in alpha preview and more polishing is needed, but we can confidently say that our new content can be comfortably played.

Underground Mining

A new way of acquiring ore is the core of the update. The depths now hold layers of ore which you have to tap to unlock the vast resources of the planet. Use underground rail miners that carve through ore deposits. Minecarts will move your ores to mining depots, from where you need to handle reprocessing.


‍Freight & Character Elevators

Since we're going more vertical, elevators were a must. Freight elevators can be connected to the belt system to move items up or down vertically, while a character elevator will make you never walk stairs again.


‍Ambient Lighting System

Fully reworked ambient lighting system: Caves are finally dark and unaffected by the sunlight. 


Mining terrain is a lot of work, streamline the process with explosives that get rid of terrain (and many other things) in no time! Buildings which are generally near excavation areas are blast-resistant, so no worries.


‍Reworks, improvements and new machines

Update 0.3 brings a fully reworked energy system, re-balanced recipes, optimized performance and a couple of new machines on top of countless bugfixes and usability improvements.