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Foundry Dev Blog #21 - The Blog Is Back

The DevBlog is back!

After a long period without updates we're finally back with news!

I’ve always planned for enormous mega bases in Foundry, and it became clear our current C#/C++ hybrid simulation library wouldn’t support that. Therefore I have fully rewritten the simulation library in C++. Foundry is a simulation heavy game and it has greatly benefited from this work. This new library is the foundation that removes the technical limitations preventing us from achieving this plan. As an added benefit, the new library will also improve iteration speeds as we don’t need to consider two languages.


‍Discord user zytukin's latest base

‍The rewrite including QA/Testing and bug-fixing took about 4 months, about a month longer than expected. However testing was very thorough, the game is again fully playable and has most likely fewer bugs than before.

I also used the rewrite process to improve many systems. I'm not going into the details of listing all of them, but for example the conveyor system has been improved and our balancers now support input/output priority lane settings.


New Belt System Debug Visualization

‍Since roughly one month we're already working again on new features, which we're going to tease very soon. We have already begun sharing these updates on Discord

‍Community-Interaction in the Future

We want to hear from you! The feedback we have already received for Foundry has been incredibly helpful in shaping the future of the game, and now we want to try something new. We want to begin regularly sharing development progress and concept work as it happens, and integrate your feedback into those designs.

Our Discord features a channel called "dev-updates". We're really going to show active work in progress, so there is no guarantee that what you'll see will eventually make it into the game. We decided to share our experiments with the community to get early opinions. We have just started sharing these updates on Discord today, so see you there!

Going forward the DevBlog is going to be used as a place to summarize the best of those development updates and share larger updates. We will aim to write shorter articles but with higher frequency.


Discord user Illanyss’ vertical battery

‍See you at the next blog post or on Discord. -mrmcd