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Foundry Dev Blog #24 - A Partner for Foundry

Dear Community, Today I’m thrilled to announce that we have decided to partner up with a publisher for the future of FOUNDRY. We cannot tell who it is yet, but it is a very prominent global player and we’re extremely confident in this being the best step forward for the game. It is a huge moment for the game and the team could not be any happier. Being on itch.io for two years has been a fantastic experience that has helped us improve the game in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without you. The community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and this plus the overall reception and engagement is part of what made it possible to sign the publishing deal. Thank you so much for everything so far!

Together with our new publisher we get the support and resources needed to improve our game faster and elevate it to higher standards. We will continue to have full creative control while enjoying all of those benefits. Now our focus is on working towards the Steam release. In order to put us in the best position to have a great game and a successful Steam Early Access launch we believe we need to fully focus on game development and therefore we have decided to remove the option to buy FOUNDRY on itch.io and to play the Steam demo on 30th of November 2022. Everyone who bought the game on itch.io will retain access and will get access to FOUNDRY on Steam once we launch there. Exciting times ahead!