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Foundry Dev Blog #25 - The Roadmap

The Roadmap

Today is finally the day where we are able to share our future plans with our community, split into two parts, a roadmap and an idea board.

The roadmap is for features that we plan to have in the next update or shortly afterwards - things we already have spent a lot of time planning, experimenting and working on. As always, some things might change during the implementation phase, but in general we feel confident about the things listed there.

The idea board is for features we are thinking about but are in their very early stages. We are quite sure that we’ll eventually add some of them while some others are highly experimental and won’t make it, there’s no guarantee about any of those. The idea board exists to provide you with more insight about our plans and because we’d like to hear your opinions and feedback about those features. I also want to say thank you for your patience, we planned to announce the roadmap a lot sooner but ultimately were held up. We had a lot going on during the previous months and all of our team is working very hard on bringing you the best experience possible. Future updates about our progress and the publisher will follow. You can find the roadmap and idea board here: paradoxinteractive.com/games/foundry/roadmap‍

‍The Upcoming Update

Our last major patch (the usability update) is already a while back and after reading over our roadmap you might understand why it takes a while to finish our quite ambitious goals. The update is going to alter the game in many ways - while maintaining the core mechanics. I still do not have an ETA to share as there is a lot left to be done, but it'll be pushed to the experimental itch branch as soon as it’s ready. The core of the update is a rework where we want to transform the game into a setting where you are producing meaningful goods instead of generic “science packs” only - they will stay for research but there will be other things to produce. The goal is to provide a better experience, immersion and game feel. This goes hand in hand with our “Assembly Lines”, a system that visually assembles end products as you know it from real world factories. Something that always bothered me a bit about factory games is that everything is made inside of so-called “black box buildings” which aren’t able to visualize product assembly. Our feature is not going to solve this entirely as most components are still made as before, but I think it’s the right middle ground, we visualize the products that matter most. The above-mentioned two features are the core of the update, but they are accompanied by the very important world overhaul: The biggest impact has been the newly added water, it looks great and makes the world feel a lot better. We will add gameplay mechanics around it, but those are still in the works. On top of that we reworked the original desert biome and added a rocky desert biome, inspired by the landscapes of Arizona. We are also going to polish the grassland and the jungle biome. More biomes in total are planned, but we don’t know when we will add those. Additionally we have improved the world generation system by completely re-doing mountain range generation and a few other things. On the roadmap you also see a point about improving underground mining. I will cover it and the other features in further detail in my next blog post as this one is already becoming quite long and mostly intended as a broad overview. Our whole team is looking forward to hear your thoughts,