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Foundry Dev Blog #5 - Weekly Progress

Weekly Progress Update

This is going to be a shorter blog, there isn't that much to tell. We are in a phase where we are not working on new content (this will continue after the early access launch), we're mostly polishing, testing and fixing the final bugs. So far there is an extremely low amount of bugs left although testing is not yet fully done, therefore the bug counter could increase again. We hope to get testing done by that week.

On the other hand we put a heavy focus on further performance improvements and we're making good progress on that front. We cannot give you final results of our performance improvements since endgame testing is yet to be done. I want to write a more in-depth blog about the technical aspects soon, but I need more testing results so that I can really provide useful information - I don't want to post my speculations.

Shop Site(s)

Quite some time has been spent with setting up shop sites for our upcoming launch. As already stated on last week's blog we're launching on itch.io. Most of the configuration and setup is done, there are mostly design related tasks left. The shop is not public yet because itch does not allow a "coming soon" release date, we either have to set a certain date in future or make it available right away. It makes sense for 99% of developers, so that is fine, but it does not suit our "release-when-its-done" policy. So the itch site will probably become available on launch day.

We've been thinking about going to other stores as well, but the higher than expected workload of managing a store page made us decide to start with one store at first. We will add more options to buy the game over the course of development.