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Foundry Dev Blog #7 - Release Week!

Release Week!

We're finally at the point where I can announce that FOUNDRY will be released on Wednesday, 23. Sept. 2020, 00:01 CEST on itch.io for a price of USD 17,49. Store link will be added later, we're still preparing it. Update: Store Link

I'm incredible happy that we have finally reached the point where we are satisfied with the state of the game. It allows us to focus on adding new content after the release and to keep the flow of updates steady. Bug fixing will still have the highest priority.

We planned to release the game a bit earlier but I don't think that the delays were a bad choice, it feels very polished to us now and we hope you will feel the same. Technically we missed the previously announced "this summer" but I can savely say that we can turn a blind eye on that.

‍Your Feedback

Looking forward to any kind of feedback, we want you to tell us everything that sucks and everything you love. We really want the community to have an influence on the course of development in future. The best way to get in touch is our - already so often advertised - Discord server. We might revise the strategy for bug reports and similar talking points where Discord might not be the best solution to keep track of things. We might create a forum if it's necessary.

‍What's next?

To be honest: I don't know. I'm not really sure how much of an impact the game will make and if we'll get flooded by bug reports or if the interest will stay shallow. I suspect the latter but we're prepared for the first. Whatever it will be: We will always focus on known bugs first and then keep the ever-going task of implementing new features active. We do have lots of ideas and very concrete plans for which are the most important features to add next. However I don't want to spoil too much too soon, we will certainly tease on what we are working on over the next weeks.

See you in-game, mrmcd