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Foundry Dev Blog #9 - Localization!

Localization Update

We've been a bit quiet last week, the reason was that we were working like crazy on the localization system. We had to replace or update every text in the game in a way that it allows for easy and customizable localization support. For most of our texts and words this was pretty straightforward, just a minor change necessary. But for some other things, like dynamically created and template-based text, this was very complicated. We expect it to be done by early next week (maybe Tuesday). We will then upload an experimental version of the game, as there are to many changes to just call it a regular update without waiting for a test period to have passed. Everybody who owns the game on itch.io will be able to download the experimental version. If everything goes fine, you will not notice any differences, because everything should work (in English) as it was before, the difference under the hood is that it's not hard-coded text, it's provided through the localization system.

At this point we will also open up the possibility for our community to start translating the game. We have not yet decided how we'll manage the community-based translations, we're currently looking into a promising-looking web-service that makes the process as easy as possible. However we are not sure yet and might go with something else. As always I will keep you updated in our Discord.

‍What else?

We have also been working on a lot of other one-time-things that need to be done after a release, we've had to prepare lots of marketing material, make sure that our game is listed on popular services like Twitch and prepare our Steam page. The Twitch progress is done by now and streamers can tag their FOUNDRY streams as such. The Steam page is still in the review progress and we hope to have it online by this week. Important: This does not mean we are going to be available on Steam soon, it's to allow you to wishlist the game. We need to ensure a higher amount of quality and content before we can take the next step of going to a store as big as Steam.

We hope that those special tasks are all done soon and that we can focus again on new content for the game!

Thanks for reading, -mrmcd