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Foundry Dev Blog #8 - Out now!


Seriously, you rock! On behalf of everybody on our team I'd like to wholeheartedly thank you for your support. You blew our expectations by a wide margin and made our week. We launched about 5 days ago and we sold more copies than expected, our community grew larger than we assumed and the feedback was better than we could have hoped for - we're really happy and grateful.

This has been a great week and we guarantee that we will put all possible effort into improving the game and providing you an even better game experience in future.

‍An Active Discord

Our Discord grew to over 150 people with many of you very interested in having a conversation, giving feedback, reporting bugs and much more. Our team has spent a lot of time reading and communicating at our channels and we found the experience to be really enjoyable. We look forward to keep it this way.

‍First Update, Hotfixes and Next Changes

We have already pushed our first hotfix, fixing a rare crash bug that we hunted for weeks. With your help it was found within two days, thank you again. Additionally we improved some tutorial texts and fixed minor glitches. So far most bug reports are about very niche problems and we're truly happy that we were able to provide a stable game.

There are a few issues on our list and we plan to release the next hotfix this week.

Besides that, we're working on localization, as our game became surprisingly successful within the french community. We understand that not everybody speaks perfect English and we want to make the game as accessible as possible. We do not have an ETA on that feature, but it's already being worked on. When it's done we will crowd-source the translation of the game - and I honestly do not know how long this will take.

‍FOUNDRY on YouTube and Twitch

Our team is absolutely stoked about the coverage our game got on Youtube and Twitch. It was a pleasure to follow the created content of Dan FieldHaphollas (@05h30min) and boldviking (@6h10m)(in chronological order)! We hope you and your audience enjoyed the game and had fun too.

For other interested content creators: We have a free key program, more information here: FOUNDRY Press Kit.

Thank you very much and have a nice week, - mrmcd and the whole FOUNDRY team