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FOUNDRY Announcement


Hello everyone! 

As we said before, we have some exciting news to share! Today, Paradox Interactive and Channel 3 Entertainment (check F.A.Q. for details) are announcing a publishing partnership for Foundry! 

Play the Demo


We invite everyone to play Foundry Demo during the Steam Next Fest, which starts in a week! Invite your friends and build a factory of your dreams. The demo will be available for free during Steam Next Fest, from October 9 to October 16. ;) 

What’s next?

We’ll have a lot of fun! Make sure to check out the next Foundry Friday blog post as we will talk more about our future plans and address some popular questions.



What is Foundry? 

FOUNDRY is a first-person factory building simulation set in an endless procedurally generated voxel world. Mine resources, craft machinery and automate your research to progress through the game. Face logistic challenges by planning and building a conveyor belt and pipe network. Manage a complex power system and expand your constantly growing production lines!

About Channel 3 Entertainment

Channel 3 Entertainment is a new studio built by Patrik Meder, the original creator of Foundry (MEDER Dynamics) and industry veterans Mark Laprairie and Johann Seidenz from Klei Entertainment. Their previous experiences include critically and publicly acclaimed Oxygen Not Included and Don’t Starve Together. They are currently working on the development of Foundry.

Does the game have online or co-op gameplay? 

It does! The multiplayer mode is mostly designed towards 2-4 players on the same server, but you can always go extra as there is no hard limit.  Moreover, we strongly recommend playing the game together with friends, especially during the demo! Whatever they do — help you out or create pure chaos — it’s definitely more fun! 

What languages does the game support? 

During the Demo the game will only support English, but we are planning to add more languages for Early access.

Does Foundry support modding? 

We designed the game in a way that content modding is well supported. Content modding means you can create new content for our existing game mechanics like crafting recipes, items or machines. However at the start of Early Access we will only provide limited modding support and it will gradually get expanded by upcoming updates. On top of that we are exploring more advanced modding options like adding custom scripts and completely new features.

How can I report a bug?

In case you face any bugs while playing the game, please start a discussion on our Forum or start the conversation on Discord in a dedicated channel. 

I have a question I want to ask a Developer, where can I do that?

We are  Discord server and Official Forum. Make sure to follow both of them not to miss a thing!

How often will Development Diaries get released, and where can I read them?

We are planning to release Dev Diaries on bi-weekly basis. You can always read them on our Steam page or Forum

How can I be posted about the news?

Sign up for the newsletter to be posted about the latest news and get a unique gift on Steam when the game is officially out — the “NLR-9001” mining drill skin! 

When will Foundry be fully available? 

We cannot share the details yet, but we will definitely keep you updated — stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter!

What if I bought the game on itch before?

Players who bought the game on itch.io will get a Steam key when the “Early Access” version of the game is released. We will tell you more details later as we will get closer to the next stage. 

How long will the Demo be available? 

The demo will be available during the Steam Next Fest which takes place from 9th to 16th of October. 

Will the Demo be available after the Steam Next Fest? 

At the moment we are not planning to keep it open after the Festival is over. We will let you know in case of any changes!


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