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FOUNDRY Demo & Steam Next Fest

Hello everyone!

Today we are finally able to share some news about the upcoming preview version and what we have planned for the upcoming months.

‍Steam Next Fest

We are planning to participate (this time for real!) in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, starting October 9th, 2023. There will be a free demo of FOUNDRY available for anyone, including our multiplayer mode.

‍Preview Build for itch.io buyers

A preview build of FOUNDRY is available now for everyone who has previously bought the game on itch.io. You can access it through itch.io, it’s a separate download (called “foundry-windows-demo”) just like the experimental version is.

Please note the purpose of the preview build: This is not the next update. 

The goal of the preview build is to show and get feedback about the new early game loop, various reworks and to make sure all those systems are bug free. There is also a lot of new art (new biomes, overhauled machines, …) to discover.

The content of the preview build will be limited to the first two science packs. Over time we plan to expand the amount of content the preview build contains. We will do this gradually until our Steam release (no date yet).

As you might have guessed, the Next Fest demo will match the content of the current preview build. So everyone participating in playing the preview build will help us deliver the best possible Next Fest demo.

There are also a few unfinished things like missing tutorial texts, outdated info database or voice-lines that are not exactly matching with the task system. All of this will get fixed until Next Fest but we’d like to hear your feedback first before finalizing those.

We’re looking forward to what all of you think!

- The FOUNDRY-Team