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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another episode of FOUNDRY Fridays! Today we are talking about the big news shared on Monday about Paradox Interactive being our publishing partner. For everyone who is new: FOUNDRY Fridays is our bi-weekly Dev Blog in which we talk about all sorts of things surrounding our game.


Why we choose to work with a publisher

Let’s go a little back in time, FOUNDRY started as a one person project five years ago. During development the team grew slowly but steadily as the game became more and more ambitious. Every time we added someone to our team the benefits were obvious. After more than a year on itch.io we felt  that FOUNDRY has great potential. But realizing the potential was not possible with our limited resources, and at a certain point it was not financially viable to further scale up our team. This was the point where we decided to look into publishing deals and how they could work for us as a studio.

Not only can a publishing partnership make sense by allowing the developer to put more resources into the game, but having a good publishing partner can be incredibly valuable for bringing the game to a larger audience. Something that every game benefits from. A publisher can also bring a lot of expertise in areas the developers are lacking, and together they can achieve the best possible outcomes.

For us it was always clear that we wanted to work with a partner where we felt confident would share our creative vision and trust our ability to deliver the game that we wanted for our players. Which brings us to our next paragraph on why we chose to work with Paradox Interactive.


Why Paradox Interactive

When we first started thinking about potential publishing partners we asked who our creator Patrik’s dream partner would be, and the first name that came to mind was Paradox. Patrik spent thousands of hours in their games. They focus on games which have depth, complexity, replayability and lots of different ways on how you can achieve your goals. That is a perfect match for our game.

And to our delight, from the first interaction Paradox was enthusiastic about FOUNDRY and made it clear to us that they want to be part of this project and that they believe in it.

We quickly understood that Paradox and ourselves shared the same philosophy and would trust our creative vision for FOUNDRY.

We believe that Paradox is and will be a great match for FOUNDRY. Over the past year our interaction with them has been extremely positive and we’re feeling even more confident now that we have made the correct decision.


Addressing questions and concerns

After our big reveal many of you have raised questions and also concerns, and we would like to address the most common.

Will this partnership have an impact in the way you will be interacting with the community?

We enjoy the way our team works and we will keep on the same way. We will keep being active in the Discord and forums and read and answer your feedback. This game wouldn’t have been possible without the community and you will continue to be a central point in our development process. Now with the large influx of people we might not be able to answer every message, but we will be as active in the community as we have been before.

Will this partnership have an impact on what FOUNDRY is and what will be included in FOUNDRY 1.0?

Our vision and ambition hasn’t changed with this partnership. When we launch on Steam, we are starting with Early Access that gives us the time we need to bring our vision for the game to reality. We have a certain amount of content in our mind about what we believe should be in FOUNDRY 1.0, and this plan has not changed. This partnership only allows us to think bigger, and further. Whatever is going to happen in the future, it will be our decision and based on if we feel it’s the right step for the game.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we hope to see you back in two weeks for the next episode!



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