Bust Through The Ardennes In Style

Bust through the Ardennes or encircle the Axis in style with this new cosmetic pack for Hearts of Iron IV.

Including tanks previously only available in the Colonel Edition, this pack adds a number of new armored and tracked vehicles for the Allies and Comintern powers.

Main features

● 7 British Armor Units including the the Deacon tank destroyer, Canada’s Sexton self-propelled artillery and Crusader anti-air units.

● 17 American Armor Units including the celebrated M7 Priest and the prototype M9 heavy tank destroyer.

● 8 French Armor Units including the Renault tank destroyer and the Canon de 194 self-propelled artillery.

● 13 Soviet Armor Units including the early AT-1 tank destroyer and five SU artillery variants.

● 8 Tanks for Each Major Allied Power for a total of 32 tank models, including the Soviet T-26, the British Centurion, America’s post-war Patton heavy tank and the French ARL 44.


Immerse yourself in Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor Pack
Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor Pack (screenshot 1)
Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor Pack (screenshot 2)
Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor Pack (screenshot 3)
Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor Pack (screenshot 4)
Hearts of Iron IV - cardBackground

Full game required

Play with the full game version of Hearts of Iron IV


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