Revolutions Are Started By Ideas, They Are Fueled By Sweat
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The Second World War’s hardest fighting was on the Eastern Front of Europe.

No Step Back is the newest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy wargame about the world crisis of the 1930s and World War II.

This expansion adds greater detail for many nations in Eastern Europe, unique game systems to reflect Soviet politics, and many improvements to the military aspect of the game.

Main features

New Soviet National Focuses

Communist Soviet rulers must also deal with a government system full of distrust and betrayal but players can lift up party opposition to the powerful leader, or even pursue a reactionary path of restored monarchy.

New Polish National Focuses

Write a new history of Poland, with options to reform the government, entrench the military rulers, or support a popular pro-Soviet uprising.

New Baltic National Focuses

Shared alternate history paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as unique paths for each.

Army Officer Corps

Build a general staff, drawing on the talents and expertise of available officers to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics.

Army Spirits

Emphasize certain characteristics of your military arms, adding general bonuses to certain units types or even aiding division design.

Supply System Updates

Scorched Earth tactics, floating harbors and special supply units added to the logistics system.

Tank Designer

Design your own armored force using modules prioritizing speed, gun power, armor or even production cost.

Railway Guns

Commission the grandest, most prestigious of artillery pieces, uniquely designed to deal with entrenched foes, and fortified positions.


Immerse yourself in Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 1)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 2)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 3)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 4)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 5)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 6)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 7)
Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back (screenshot 8)
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