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Content Creator Pack - Soviet Union 2D Art

Paradox Interactive has teamed up with talented modders from the Hearts of Iron IV community to release a content pack with new art assets for the Soviet Union. Ethan “156” Mayer and Aqeel “Uncharted” Mughal, Head Developers on the popular World Ablaze mod for the game, have created new icons and weapons art that reflect the historical designs and art of one of the key players in World War II. A portion of the revenue generated by this Content Creator Pack goes directly to the creators - by buying it you are supporting HOI modders.

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Main Features

Soviet Union Community Content Pack includes over 300 new 2D assets:

• 61 new tank icons • 35 new plane icons • 32 new ship icons • 4 new pieces of infantry art • 11 new artillery icons • 3 new motorised infantry icons • 5 new mechanised infantry icons • 3 new armoured car icons • 1 new support equipment icon • 3 new train icons • 23 new icons for the Soviet industry focus tree • 54 new icons for the Soviet military focus tree • 93 new icons for the Soviet political focus tree • 38 new icons for Soviet National Spirit Note: To ensure maximum benefit to the modder creators behind this DLC, this community creator pack is not included in the Hearts of Iron IV subscription package.

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