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Turn by Turn, Age by Age

Create your own nation in Millennia, a new historical 4x strategy game that challenges your strategic skills and encourages new discovery and experimentation. Navigate 10,000 years of history, from the dawn of humanity to the near future, as you tell the story of worlds that never were - choosing the course of development through Ages where you set the path, or adapt to a future of your rivals' choosing. Select your nation's attributes to match your strategic situation or play style, taking advantage of the resources around you to explore unique combinations of traits. Unmatched variety awaits you in Millennia.

Includes Millennia Expansion Pass

Premium Edition


The Millennia: Premium Edition includes the following content:

Wolfpack Warband & Eagle Archers cosmetics

Elevate the presence of your units in Millennia with the exclusive Wolfpack Warband and Eagle Archers clothings. Available instantly with the Premium Edition, this clothes pack unlocks unique wolf skin clothing for your Warband. Your Archer Unit receives eagle-inspired clothes, symbolizing their precision and keen sight.

Millennia: Ancient Worlds

Take your first uncertain steps in a new era for humanity in Millennia: Ancient Worlds. Take control of your people before their first settlement, while they still wander as nomads.  Includes a new nomadic game start option, a new National Spirit, a new economic Good, and new Nation starting bonuses. 

Millennia: Atomic Ambitions

Unlock the mysteries of the atom and change the world forever in Millennia: Atomic Ambitions. The Premium edition adds ways to harness the power of the atom for the good of all humankind, but, there are also ways to turn the planet into a fallout-filled wasteland if you aren’t careful. Includes two new Ages, a new National Spirit, and nuclear options for the Strategic Warfare System.



Guide Your Nation Through History

Dictate the course of history across ten ages, from the first cities to space travel. Accomplish certain objectives and you can move time into a Variant Age - an alternate history with new rules, new technologies, and new units. But beware Crisis Ages; following a path of chaos and disorder may plunge the world into a future filled with war, sickness or ignorance. Then again, a wise ruler can always turn a crisis into an opportunity.... Choose your path wisely, as the ages you pass through will have a lasting impact on your people and the world.


Choose What You are Known For

Customize your nation by adopting unique Nations Spirits over the course of your game. Will you be a nation of warriors or explorers? Are your people lead by a Great Khan or a builder of monuments? Are you known for defining pop culture or for dominating global finance? What parts of your culture will reverberate across history?


Master a Deep and Interesting Economy

Manage your economy with care and create a juggernaut of growth and construction. Start with basic resources to gain food, wealth, and production. As your advance, decide how to best convert these simple goods into more valuable products through research and improvements. Specialize your regions, turning iron into weapons or tools, wood into paper or lumber, gold into coin or jewelry. Ship surplus goods where they are needed, allowing the breadbasket of your empire to feed far-flung colonies or your industrial heartland to supply troops near your enemy.


Unlock Technologies and Ideas

Pursue knowledge to research scientific and cultural advances, unlocking new units, buildings, and improvements to grow your cities or strengthen your armies. Research Defense to train the first archers, Smelting to master iron production, or Guilds for making wine. Variant and Crisis Ages feature unique alternatives, introducing everything from Cloud Estates in the Age of Aether to underwater cities in the Age of Utopia.


Achieve Victory On Your Terms

Achieve your ultimate success through a Victory Age. Toward the end of the game (or earlier if your strategy is sound), dominance allows a nation to dictate the winning conditions. The rest of the world must decide if they will struggle to achieve victory before the leader ... or oppose the leader's attempt. Risk everything to take victory in the Renaissance or carefully plan for triumph in the modern era.

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